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A Hands Free Propulsion Vehicle

Watch How the Monofin Works!

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What is Amphi?

Take your soul diving with Our Powered Bionic DIVE Monofin

Amphi is a diver propulsion vehicle that can be used to enhance your water experience. It helps with snorkeling, but can also improve advanced water activities. This powered bionic monofin is hands-free, quiet, and lightweight. It is a complete package, replacing your scooter and fins. Amphi is the best powered bionic monofin on the market because it allows you to use your muscles and/or electric propulsion. You can smoothly transition from one to the other. It allows you to experience the water in a new and fun way (that is also environmentally friendly).

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We are crowdfunding for further development and production of Amphi. Without your donations, this project wouldn’t be possible. If you are interested in learning more about the campaign or would like to donate, check out our page at the link below.


Our Mission

We share a passion for the water. We use bioengineering to enhance our bodies to become amphibious creatures: half land - half sea, half human - half machine. We use bionic sensing to control our propulsion so that we can feel like sea animals - be nimble and quick, and at the same time conserve our precious oxygen. We can be like otters and seals just by the virtue of bionic enhancement. We want you to join us in experiencing sea ecosystems using our powered bionic monofin.

MeEt our team


Amphi Americas has invented the first in the world hybrid diver propulsion vehicle. Our powered bionic monofin has a built-in thruster which pushes the swimmer through the water.

Passion & Fun

The Amphi Americas team is very passionate about the environment. We are currently building a sensor module for our devices that will be able to collect ocean temperature, pressure, and salinity data when you swim or dive.

Sharing Experiences

Amphi is not just a product, it’s a lifestyle! We always dreamed of creating a product that combines our favorite activities: traveling, maintaining an active lifestyle, being in the water, and sharing our experiences with others!
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