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Travel to Maui

June 19, 2020

Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii and attracts more than 2 million visitors each year. This Hawaiian island is world-famous for its extraordinary beaches and fantastic diving opportunities, but that’s not all “The Valley Isle” offers. Maui, called “The Valley Isle” because central Maui is located between two large mountains, has many attractions that make it a popular travel destination. For instance, Maui is known for being heavily trafficked by migrating humpback whales, farm-fresh cuisine, and beautiful beach sunrises and sunsets. And while water activities remain the most popular interests among visitors, there are plenty of land activities to partake in as well. Learn more about traveling to Maui below!

Experience Maui

Maui has a variety of excursions and explorations available such as incredible dive sites, helicopter tours, whale watching, boat tours, paddle boarding and surfing, hiking, and so much more. Another interesting characteristic of Maui is all the farming they do there. Though sugarcane is no longer grown here, you can find several different fruits and vegetables grown and sold right at their farmer's markets. The food is fresh and organic, but it's also authentic and locally grown with care. And whether you're an earlier riser or a night owl, you can see a beautiful sunrise or sunset from Haleakala, which is widely popular among tourists and locals alike.

Maui Diving Tips

If you’re like most Maui travelers, you’re probably there to do some snorkeling and diving. Fortunately, there are many dive sites to choose from, all of which are unique and exciting. Some of the best dive sites in Maui include:

Lanai Cathedrals

Listed as one of the best dive sites in all of the Hawaiian islands, the Lanai Cathedrals contain large caverns for divers to explore. Here, you can expect to see lacework among the lava in the area, a variety of marine life, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a turtle or dolphin.

Honolua Bay

 It has water depths of up to 45 feet and is easily accessible, making it ideal for divers of all experience levels. 

Molokini beach

It contains some of the most transparent waters found in Maui with visibility for up to 150 feet, making it a haven for experienced divers. This dive site is known for being on top of an underwater volcano, which offers a unique opportunity to most. Be sure to look out for whale sharks here! 

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