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Travel to Hawaii: The Big Island

June 5, 2020

green mountainside overlooking the bright turquoise watersHawaii is one of the most well-known vacation spots in the United States. Not only are the tropical beaches and warm weather enticing to many travelers, but the combination of luxury and adventure associated with The Big Island makes it an ideal destination. Here you can enjoy several outdoor activities from horseback riding, ATV rides, hiking, swimming, and of course, scuba diving and snorkeling. And with 12 different climate zones, you can expect to see more than just sunny, balmy beaches. Hawaii’s Big Island offers a variety of different temperatures and scenery including some snow-capped mountains in Mauna Kea. Whether you decide to travel to the Big Island for the remarkable diving opportunities, or for the luxury resorts, you won’t be disappointed by all that this island has to offer

Learn More About the Big Island of Hawaii

Along with the Big Island’s extensive amount of beautiful sites and fun activities, the island comes with very spiritual history. It’s believed that the Hawaiian goddess Pele and demi-god Kamapuaʻa, created a divide among the island that explains why the west is so dry and the east is so wet. Also, the island itself has 5 volcanoes, 4 of which are labeled as active. Mostly, the Big Island is known for its extraordinary diving, the many volcanoes, and the ever-popular Kona coffee blend. The nice sandy beaches and tropical palm trees make Hawaii a safe haven for visitors to come and relax or have some fun.

aerial view of the mountainside and ocean on the Big Island, HawaiiHawaii Diving on the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is favored for the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities it holds. The bright, clean, blue waters allow divers and snorkelers a clear view of the marine life and natural habitat that lie beneath the surface. Not only does Hawaii have large open waters for diving, but you can also visit various lava tunnels, ponds, and shorelines for a more unique diving experience. One of the most popular dive sites on the island is Two-Step. Two-Step in Honaunau Bay is located on the western part of the island. When waters are calm, you can expect to see pretty much the entire bay including the stunning coral reefs and all the sea animals and fish that live there. You might even get to see a sea turtle or dolphin in this area if you’re lucky! 

Our team at Amphi has created a new device that is designed specifically for a better diving experience. If you’re thinking of heading off to the Big Island for some recreational or professional diving, then consider adding our powered bionic monofin to your equipment essentials! Connect with us here to check it out!

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