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LifeStyleBreak: Vietnam - time to leave, time to sum up

August 5, 2020


A brief summary of our gateway to Asia

Taking advantage of the excess free time spent on the bus to Laos, we decide to briefly summarize our stay in Vietnam. We spent 16 days here traveling from south to north. This was our gateway to Asia, a place on Earth completely unknown to us. This is where we felt the “real” heat for the first time, being here at the end of the monsoon season. It's hard to imagine what the temperature is in the dry season. We have experienced tropical downpours that flood the streets knee-deep in a few hours. We saw and visited Buddhist temples and Pagodas previously known from television, in which there is an amazing and relaxing atmosphere. In the end, we saw a country that most people associate with war and movies on this subject. A country that turned out to be completely different. Very developed, with large cities dominated by skyscrapers. With not too bad roads, which do not differ much from some European countries. And you have to remember that Vietnam was bombed for several years, and it happened quite recently.

You can see that as a nation they have great potential and are going in the right direction. And the people? It is the society that paints the image of the country. When you think about a country, one of your first thoughts is its people. The Vietnamese are very nice and kind. Not once did we feel uncomfortable. Always willing to help and advise, even in spite of the language barrier that quickly disappears after switching to "sign" signals. They give the impression of being happy and enjoying life. Nobody is in a hurry here, they often sit outside their houses drinking their tea or coffee, chatting and watching the life going on around them. They seem to enjoy life by taking it as it is. This is an immensely valuable quality that many people miss.

Will we miss this amazing country, with beautiful nature, amazing culture, wonderful monuments, smiling people and delicious food? Definitely YES! We would love to come back here if there is such an opportunity, and we believe that someday there will be...


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain


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