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LifeStyleBreak, our escape to another, unknown world.

May 7, 2020

Hello to all readers!

We hope that the current situation does not bother you more than most of the world's population. What strange times have come. Most of us are stuck in our homes without being able to move freely. Well, let's hope that the situation improves quickly and we can all return to normal, everyday life. In the meantime, we decided to revive our blog, and perhaps provide you with some excitement during this long quarantine 😉 As I mentioned earlier, the current situation in the world is completely not conducive to travel, to explore new places, and to search for new adventures, so we decided to start a new thematic block called “Wednesday Adventures”. At the beginning, we would like to take you on a journey that we (Viola and Alex) took a few years ago. A journey that started in November 2012, and lasted for over 5 months. A journey for which we were preparing for a long time. Finally, a journey that has so far turned out to be the journey of our lives, to which memories we often come back with a smile on our faces. So let's begin!


Where, when and why?

As people inspired by the stories of other travellers, we decided to make our own travel dreams come true. We have always had the idea of ​​visiting distant and unknown places lying on such a beautiful continent called Asia! Finally, THE day has come, but first, let's start from the beginning…

Since we can remember, our heads were full of dreams of travelling the world, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and admire the beauty of nature, so different from our everyday surroundings. Reading many books, guides and seeing millions photos from trips of other travellers, have made our hunger for travel even stronger. One day, we have finally decided to go for it. We have booked our time off at work for 12 weeks called LifeStyleBreak. From this point there was no turning back. Planning has begun!

The date of our trip had to be adjusted accordingly to the region we wanted to visit. Asia is a very large continent where at the same time, the season may vary from place to place. But first, how did we decide to visit Asia? It's hard to remember now. Maybe because Asia is a very interesting and exotic (for us) region of the globe, Himalaya mountains - another dream of ours, many of our friends are from Asia, plus a fact, that southeast Asia is recommended to backpackers who are going on their first trip. So basically, it was a perfect place for us to visit.

After many months of particulars planning, reading even more books and guides, the day, where our trip starts has finally come. First, we are going to spend some time with our families and friends. After a week's time, we will cross paths in Warsaw at the airport, where we will take the plane to Asia. Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam, more known as Saigon, is our first stop. After a couple of days, when our jet lag symptoms will go away, we will start to explore the country from south to north. From Vietnam, we want to go to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. It is a tentative itinerary, not a rigid plan. If we'll like a particular place a lot, then we will stay longer than initially planned, and vice versa, if any place is less than expected, we will move on.


From Europe to Asia

After a week’s time, we met at the Frederic Chopin airport in Warsaw. Getting to the airport was rather smooth, and we hope things will go like that for the rest of the trip. The first part of the trip is a flight from Warsaw to Moscow, with Russian airlines called Aeroflot. A few days before departure, we learned that these airlines do not have good reviews. The reason for this, as we were told, is a high aircraft failure. Indeed, the plane was not the first youth, but the rest seemed to be fine. The plane did not differ in any way from most of the planes we flew. We decided not to give a cool head and just begin to enjoy the first steps of our adventure. On the plane, we met an Egyptian man, who teaches English in the Polish city of Gliwice. So, the flight went by in a pleasant atmosphere and after two hours we landed in Moscow, where we have four hours to the next flight, which will take us to Ho Chi Minh City, a city better known under the name of Saigon.

Despite the fact that we are not fans of any airports, Moscow’s airport makes a positive impression on us. Well, maybe except for the prices! Although, that should not surprise us really, after all it is an airport 😉

We fly again with Aeroflot, the Russian airline, to Saigon: friendly service, comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and good food, so our flight passes quickly and pleasantly. Funny story: On the plane, in the row next to us, sat a Vietnamese-looking man holding in his hands a Polish sport magazine. It looked as if the newspaper was there by accident, and he was just looking at pictures and writing in an unfamiliar (to him) language. What a great and pleasant surprise it was for us when he began to speak to us in our native language. This is how we met Slawek, a Vietnamese, living in Warsaw for many years.

After almost 10 hours, Asia greeted us with a magnificent sunrise, which was even more spectacular when seen from the plane...

So, this is how it all began. We have over five months of amazing adventures ahead of us, during which we will visit (as it turned out later) as many as 8 countries! We will visit popular tourist attractions, we will discover less popular, but also interesting places. We will meet local people, try to learn about their culture and behaviour. We will climb the Himalayas, as well as relax on tropical beaches. Stay tuned and follow our blog so you don't miss the next episode, where we visit the most populous city in Vietnam called Ho Chi Minh City.


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta


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