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LifeStyleBreak: Let’s get lost again

June 24, 2020

Another  day  in  Hoi  An

Another day, another early start. We take advantage of every moment spent here. Time to relax will come later. We get up at 6:00 am, eat breakfast, pack backpacks and leave for the city again. We buy a breakfast buffet for only $2 per person – we fill our stomachs for at least half a day 🙂 The reason to get up so early is that we want to immerse again in the absolutely amazing atmosphere of Hoi An, as well as we need to use up our tickets to the monuments. We do not have much time, because we have a bus to catch at 1:30 pm to go to the next place of our trip.

A bit of sightseeing in Hoi An: There are about twenty fee based sites and historic buildings. You buy a ticket for 120 thousand dong that allows you to visit five locations. For us, the most interesting places are temples and pagodas. The Covered Japanese Bridge can be visited in the evening when there’s no more ticket control. Old houses with manual production of various items can be interesting. We visited one in which hand-embroidered tablecloths are made - we are certain some people would like it. There are street artistic performances, which sadly we can’t experience due to the bad weather.

We use the remaining two tickets to visit the city museum and another temple, a temple of the Chinese province of Fujitu. Even though we visited several of these temples already, the atmosphere and beautiful decor make us come back. After a few hours we go back to the hotel to pick up luggage and check out. While surfing the internet, we find this little gem, which we nearly missed. It turns out, here in Hoi An, there is a monument of Kazimierz Kwiatkowski, a Polish architect and conservator of monuments. He led the historical monuments renovation efforts in Vietnam from 1981 until his death in 1997. He is considered here to be the dignitary that saved the historic complex before the liquidation and contributed to the overall success of the city. His main accomplishment was the inclusion of Hoi An in the register of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Unfortunately, it's time to leave Hoi An, a must see place on every traveler list! While travelling to Hue, our next stop, we pass the fairy tale like mountains with plenty of rivers and waterfalls. We climb the serpentine mountain roads, where in the distance you can see the coast and ocean. Despite bad weather, nature is still magnificent. We often mention in our blog the natural beauty of Vietnam. We do our best to show you how beautiful it is, and you can look at it for many hours, yet we realize it is indescribable; there are simply no words to describe it…


“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.” – Seneca


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