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A Unique Underwater Experience

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Amphi is a powered bionic monofin with a built-in thruster, which pushes the swimmer through the water. It is a hybrid propulsion: you can choose to either use your muscles or the thruster or both, just like an electric bike.

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Using the Amphi underwater propulsion vehicle will give you an exciting underwater experience. If you are a novice Amphi user or training to become an Amphi instructor, we will teach you how to use our powered, bionic monofin in a safe and enjoyable way. Sign up today!

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Imagine yourself in blue seas, swimming alongside the corals, turtles, dolphins, and colorful fish. Spend more time underwater with less effort as our powered bionic monofin does the hard work for you. Sign up for exotic vacations and a unique experience with Amphi Expeditions today!

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Would you like to learn how to take underwater pictures, or swim with wildlife, or learn how to use our powered, bionic monofin technology for maximum athletic performance? Sign up for our seminars and weekend events.

If you are interested in learning more about our powered, bionic monofin, or would like to gather more information about our training, vacations, and seminars, connect with Amphi Americas today!

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