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Creature Feature: The Queen Triggerfish

May 8, 2020

The Queen Triggerfish, also known by the scientific name Balistidae, is a native fish of tropical areas such as the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Gulf of Mexico. Although triggerfish are commonly described as being aggressive and mean, they are often captured and put into the aquarium trade due to their attractive appearance. Unfortunately, this has put Queen Triggerfish on the vulnerable species list and is now at a greater risk of becoming endangered. This fish species not only has a unique appearance but has many other qualities and abilities that make it a treasure for our oceans.

queen triggerfish florida

Queen Triggerfish Features

The Queen Triggerfish is best known for its unique ability to lock themselves into small hiding spots with their spines to stay safe from predators. Their extraordinary spinal features allow them to lock into a tight space using their first spine. Once the second spine depresses, it acts as a “trigger” to unlock the first spine and allows the fish to swim free. This is also how the fish received the name “Queen Triggerfish.” 

As mentioned before, triggerfish are commonly sought after for their aesthetic appeal. Most Queen Triggerfish is triangularly shaped and are a yellow and green color with interesting lines circling the eye. Some triggerfish may also have blue or purple on their fins and in other areas, and have a fanned, indented tail shape. 

Queen Triggerfish Behavior and Habits

Queen Triggerfish are commonly known as being aggressive and often wreak havoc in the reef during feeding times. As bottom dwellers who dig out their prey to feed on, triggerfish have become adept at using their fins to move away debris to locate their prey. Then, they use their strong teeth and jaws to bite through tough, hard shells of crabs, shrimp, sea urchins, and clams. Other sea creatures that triggerfish will feed on are squid, worms, and krill. Because of how hostile and fierce the triggerfish can be with their prey, smaller fish often follow behind to pick up their leftovers!

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