CORFU - the Queen of the Ionian Islands

While thinking about the upcoming winter and the next possible lockdown, we decided, at the last minute, to get out of cold, wet, and windy England to experience the last warm rays of sunshine. We also had to recharge the batteries after a terribly busy three months spent mainly on planning, creating, and running a crowdfunding campaign, as well as dealing with the responsibilities of everyday life and work. All this effort was rewarded in the form of achieving the campaign’s goal, which will allow us to prepare the Amphi prototype for production.

When choosing the destination of our trip, we were guided by many factors, the main role of which was played by the weather forecast, conditions of entry to a given country during a pandemic, as well as the lack of obligation to undergo a two-week quarantine after returning home. However, the most important factor was the attractiveness of the place in terms of organising a European Vacation With Amphi next year.

After careful analysis of many options, the Greek island of Corfu was chosen. Corfu is considered the greenest island in Greece and is proud to be called the Queen of the Ionian Islands. It is in the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of Greece and Albania. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, which are a combination of blue sea, grey-gold rocks, green hills, and interesting monuments. Corfu is a paradise for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts. Diving, windsurfing, and kitesurfing centres await amateurs of active leisure. Nature lovers are amazed by the natural wealth of the island, from olive groves to picturesque bays to rocks and grottos. Sounds like the perfect place for organising our first European Vacation with Amphi. Well, we need to personally check this place out first.

We arrived on the island late in the evening as our flight was 1.5 hours late. We pass through the airport quite smoothly. Then we find one of the local car rental companies, rent a car, and drive to our hotel, where we check in after 11:00 pm. As it is already dark, we do not get to see much of the island. Oh well, I guess we can wait one more night for that.

The next morning wakes us up with the blue sky and warm rays of the sun. It is already the end of October, which is also the ending of the holiday season on the island. Most hotels close early November, and almost all direct flights from the UK are suspended until next year. Despite the already cool weather in many parts of Europe, the temperature in Corfu ranges between 22 ℃ - 24 ℃ (71 ℉ - 75 ℉), which is quite pleasant. Apparently, the water in the sea is not too cold either, so we plan to take a dip in several places on the island.

The first days of our stay are focused on exploring the southern part. We visit the sandy beach of Issos, which is located on the west coast, and stretches for a couple of kilometres. The beach is very impressive, the dunes offer a remarkably interesting view of the surrounding area. From there, you can walk to Lake Korission where, with a bit of luck, wild flamingos and pelicans can be observed. When it was time to explore the beach from the “wet side’’, the water in the Ionian Sea turned out to be surprisingly warm, although a better description would be “not as cold as it might seem” ? Next, we spend some time on the eastern part of the island, where the beaches are mostly rocky. To get there, we pass through local villages. And indeed, all the beaches we visited turned out to be rocky, with clear crystal waters. However, the most memorable for us was the view of the mountains on mainland Greece on the other side of the water. After exploring several places, we decided to go back to the western part of the island, finding the incredibly interesting and deserted sandy beach of Prasoudi. The road to it leads along narrow roads among olive trees. From the parking lot, we go past the already closed tourist apartments, and then climb down high and steep stairs leading directly to the beach. The view from the top of the stairs is breath-taking. After going down to the beach, it is impossible not to notice that the sea today is less calm than yesterday. The reason for this is probably the wind that blows stronger than on the previous day. However, this does not discourage us from taking the opportunity to check the turbulent waters at Prasoudi Beach.

Finally, it is time to explore the north-western part of the island, which seems to be more interesting from the very first moments. The roads meander through the hills and local villages, from which every now and then we can see incredibly beautiful views of the island and its coast. We must admit that we have great fun driving here. Our first goal for today is a double beach known as Porto Timoni. We get to the village of Afionas, where we leave the car, and start a 20-minute trek, along a richly covered with trees and bushes trail, where we stop every 5 seconds to enjoy the amazing views of the bay and the town of Agios Georgios. After about 10 minutes of the trek, we saw a stunning view of the beaches of Porto Timoni. It turned out there were not many people. Once on the beach, we do not waste time and jump into the crystal-clear water, admiring the fairy-tale landscape that surrounds us. After a few hours of rest, we return to the car and continue our trip to the north, to the point called Cape Drastis. Cape Drastis is the northernmost point on the island. The cape is a very characteristic place, and like Porto Timoni Beach, it is a typical postcard view. We do not have to wait long to see this. It is visible right at the beginning of the gravel road from where we left the car. It is worth stopping for a moment and taking a closer look at this amazing rock formation. The cape is made of high white cliffs rising from the water sparkling with various shades of blue and turquoise. Rocky islets also emerge from the water, and a sandy beach can be seen in the depths of the cliff. How to get on it? Probably only by boat... The approaching sunset adds even more colour to this view. The whole thing looks incredible!

After a few days of not the best weather, another sunny day has come, during which we again visit the north-western part of the island, more specifically the area of ​​Paleokastritsa. It is one of the most attractive parts of the island, where we decided to go on a boat trip in search of secluded beaches, which are not accessible from the mainland. At the port, we are warmly greeted by Dino, who will show us the special places of the area with his boat. Dino is kind enough to warn us about high waves and proposes to move the tour to another day. As we are returning home the next day, we cannot postpone it. We decide to use his services anyway. Indeed, the sea is not very calm, but Dino tries to guide his boat in such a way that we feel it as little as possible. From the very first moment, our eyes cannot believe the views. We peer into the countless grottos in the cliffs, into which Dino flows in, showing us their characteristics. The water in them is turquoise blue, with amazing clarity. Just from the boat itself, without entering the water, you can observe fishes, underwater rock formations, and the Mediterranean coral visible on the rocks just below the water surface. On the cliffs and in caves you can also observe interesting rock formations, a real gem for geologists. Along the way, we admire the wonderful beaches, some accessible from the mainland, such as Rovinia, and some accessible only by boat. We anchor at one of them and decide to explore the underwater life. Despite the turbulent sea the visibility is amazing which made the swimming session very enjoyable.

On the last day, on the way to the airport, we visited the old town of Corfu, which was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007. It is one of the most elegant and charming Greek cities. Surrounded by the azure sea, astonishing with its perfectly preserved architecture and atmospheric pubs, it attracts crowds of tourists every season. Just walking along the streets of the city gives us great joy. It is a place worth spending some time on.

Our time on the island of Corfu passed very quickly. The island delighted us with its charm, beautiful views, amazing coast, lots of beaches with crystal clear water, and very friendly local people. One week is definitely not enough to explore Corfu to the fullest, but enough to say that Corfu is perfectly suited for a European Vacation With Amphi.

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Travel Destination: Fort Meyers, Florida

Fort Meyers has long been a prime tourist destination in Florida and the commercial center for Lee County with a population of around 83,000. It was founded post Civil War, and named after Colonel Abraham Meyers. It has a rich history of being a farming and fishing hub but has changed dramatically over time.

Today many of the original buildings have been replaced with masonry and brick buildings, and subdivisions and neighborhoods have popped up around the surrounding downtown area. Fort Meyers is located on the southwest side of the Florida peninsula and is home to many historical destinations, sport fishing, scuba diving, and many other ocean adventures.

Scuba Diving

The scuba diving in Fort Meyers is one of the best-kept secrets in the area with over 20 different artificial reef sites and numerous diving outfits that attracts tourists from all over the world. These artificial reefs are bountiful with different sea life from diverse species of algae, massive schools of baitfish, groupers, southern stingrays, and the occasional whale shark and manta ray sightings. 

In addition to the artificial reefs, the coast of Fort Meyers also offers natural reefs, drop-offs, sinkholes, and historic wreck sites that are suitable for all skill levels because of its different depths and visibility. With a very temperate climate diving is possible year-round with average temperatures ranging from 77-87 degrees. Below are some of the most popular dive sites.

Bayronto Wreck site

 This is one of the most popular wreck sites in the area that is located 30 miles all the coast. The Bayronto was a British freighter during World War I, and she was shot down by a German U-Boat in 1918. It is a 400-foot wreck that lies broken in two different sections. The marine life is bountiful, and there are many compartments and areas to explore.

ARC Reef

 Located around 15 miles offshore, the ARC Reef offers something for all skill levels. At a maximum depth of 60 feet and 14 different sites, you’re bound to see different marine species from goliath groupers and sharks to turtles and the occasional lobster.

Diving Outfits

Deans Dive Center

Located in Fort Meyers, Dean’s Dive Shop has been one of the most prolific diving outfits in the area since 1993. Whether you’re an experienced diver or just a beginner, Dean’s Dive Shop has everything you need. They offer different levels of PADI Scuba diving training classes and provide their customers with any dive gear, spearfishing equipment, and much more.

H2o Offshore Adventures

 H2O Offshore Adventures is home to not only offshore diving, but sport fishing, spearfishing, and sightseeing boat rides. They carry all U.S. Coast Guard equipment, and the captain is an NAUI certified scuba diving instructor. With many different options of closer, shallow dive sites to more advanced areas like the USCGC Mohawk Veterans Memorial Reef, you’re bound to find something for the whole family.

Amphi Americas

Amphi is a state-of-the-art diver propulsion vehicle that was devised to enhance your overall water experience. It’s powered by a bionic monofin that can replace your scooter and fins as a complete setup.

Not only do we offer training exercises and vacation packages, but we are also starting a travel seminar with the first one coming in April. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our Amphi technology, seminars, and training sessions.



Travel to Oahu

Some of the most well-known Hawaiian cities can be found on the island of Oahu. Along with being the third largest island in Hawaii, Oahu is known for being the most diverse island. The diversity here isn’t only limited to residents but extends to their landscapes and lifestyle options. Whether you’re the busy city type, a beachgoer, or an agriculture aficionado, Oahu is the place for you.

Oahu offers a diverse culture for the locals who live there, but it provides a variety of new experiences for visitors. From the metropolitan luxury of Waikiki to the fun-in-the-sun adventures on the North Shore, it’s easy to see why people from around the world are eager to visit the tropical island of Hawaii Oahu. See all that Oahu has to offer below!

travel to oahuExperience Oahu

Oahu can be categorized into five districts, which are essentially the south, north, east, west, and central areas of the island. The districts all have their unique atmosphere and environment, some of which consists of farmland, metropolitan cities, and tropical beaches.

North Shore

The North Shore of Oahu provides the best surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving, and kayaking on the island. This is where huge swells create massive waves during the cold winter months, and during the summer, you can expect calmer waters that are perfect for mellow water sports. The most popular city in the northern area is Haleiwa, which is famously known for being the “Surfing Capital of the World.”

South Shore

Next on the list is the South Shore, which is home to the popular metropolitan cities of the island; Honolulu and Waikiki. This section of the island is commonly known as being the perfect combination of sand and city. Here you can enjoy a casual day of surfing and finish the night with a gourmet meal.

West Side (leeward Coast)

The west side of the island is home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches but is less visited than most other parts of the island. You can expect to see large nature reserves, opportune surfing conditions, and small Hawaiian fishing and farming communities.

East Side (windward Coast)

Oahu’s east side is a mix of North and South Shore influences. You can expect to see lush jungles and warm sandy beaches here as opposed to tall buildings and heavy traffic. The windward side provides more of a beach town vibe than a city scene, but its nightlife is more fun than dull. The entertainment here includes breweries, restaurants, and speakeasies.

Central Oahu

Lastly, we have the central district of Oahu. This part of the island is less developed than other areas, but it provides an accurate display of Hawaiian life back in the day. Farm fields are most commonly found here, and locals tend to grow pineapple, sugar, and coffee.

travel to oahuOahu Diving Spots

There are many beaches and diving locations to enjoy in Oahu. One of them is Kahe Beach Park, which is perfect for snorkeling. The water clarity here is immaculate, and the high fish population makes seeing marine life a definite possibility. Another popular dive site on Oahu is Makaha Caverns, which displays two open-ended lava tubes dipped under shallow warm waters. Turtles, eels, and octopus may be spotted swimming among the coral reefs underwater pockets. And lastly, Waimea Bay Beach Park is ideal for avid surfers looking to catch a smooth wave. Locals and visitors alike flock to this beach during the summer months, but true surfing devotees will want to take on the winter waves that extend over 30 feet.

Want to enhance your diving experience? Try our bionic monofin today! The powered bionic monofin is a helpful diving device that propels you underwater to assist with snorkeling and freediving for a smoother dive.

Travel to Maui

Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii and attracts more than 2 million visitors each year. This Hawaiian island is world-famous for its extraordinary beaches and fantastic diving opportunities, but that’s not all “The Valley Isle” offers. Maui, called “The Valley Isle” because central Maui is located between two large mountains, has many attractions that make it a popular travel destination. For instance, Maui is known for being heavily trafficked by migrating humpback whales, farm-fresh cuisine, and beautiful beach sunrises and sunsets. And while water activities remain the most popular interests among visitors, there are plenty of land activities to partake in as well. Learn more about traveling to Maui below!

Experience Maui

Maui has a variety of excursions and explorations available such as incredible dive sites, helicopter tours, whale watching, boat tours, paddle boarding and surfing, hiking, and so much more. Another interesting characteristic of Maui is all the farming they do there. Though sugarcane is no longer grown here, you can find several different fruits and vegetables grown and sold right at their farmer's markets. The food is fresh and organic, but it's also authentic and locally grown with care. And whether you're an earlier riser or a night owl, you can see a beautiful sunrise or sunset from Haleakala, which is widely popular among tourists and locals alike.

Maui Diving Tips

If you’re like most Maui travelers, you’re probably there to do some snorkeling and diving. Fortunately, there are many dive sites to choose from, all of which are unique and exciting. Some of the best dive sites in Maui include:

Lanai Cathedrals

Listed as one of the best dive sites in all of the Hawaiian islands, the Lanai Cathedrals contain large caverns for divers to explore. Here, you can expect to see lacework among the lava in the area, a variety of marine life, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a turtle or dolphin.

Honolua Bay

 It has water depths of up to 45 feet and is easily accessible, making it ideal for divers of all experience levels. 

Molokini beach

It contains some of the most transparent waters found in Maui with visibility for up to 150 feet, making it a haven for experienced divers. This dive site is known for being on top of an underwater volcano, which offers a unique opportunity to most. Be sure to look out for whale sharks here! 

If diving is a passion of yours, then you know how crucial it is to have top-of-the-line diving equipment. Our team at Amphi has created a new device that is designed specifically for a better diving experience. If you’re headed to Maui for some recreational or professional diving, consider adding our powered bionic monofin to your essential dive gear! Connect with us here to check it out!

Travel to Hawaii: The Big Island

green mountainside overlooking the bright turquoise watersHawaii is one of the most well-known vacation spots in the United States. Not only are the tropical beaches and warm weather enticing to many travelers, but the combination of luxury and adventure associated with The Big Island makes it an ideal destination. Here you can enjoy several outdoor activities from horseback riding, ATV rides, hiking, swimming, and of course, scuba diving and snorkeling. And with 12 different climate zones, you can expect to see more than just sunny, balmy beaches. Hawaii’s Big Island offers a variety of different temperatures and scenery including some snow-capped mountains in Mauna Kea. Whether you decide to travel to the Big Island for the remarkable diving opportunities, or for the luxury resorts, you won’t be disappointed by all that this island has to offer

Learn More About the Big Island of Hawaii

Along with the Big Island’s extensive amount of beautiful sites and fun activities, the island comes with very spiritual history. It’s believed that the Hawaiian goddess Pele and demi-god Kamapuaʻa, created a divide among the island that explains why the west is so dry and the east is so wet. Also, the island itself has 5 volcanoes, 4 of which are labeled as active. Mostly, the Big Island is known for its extraordinary diving, the many volcanoes, and the ever-popular Kona coffee blend. The nice sandy beaches and tropical palm trees make Hawaii a safe haven for visitors to come and relax or have some fun.

aerial view of the mountainside and ocean on the Big Island, HawaiiHawaii Diving on the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is favored for the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities it holds. The bright, clean, blue waters allow divers and snorkelers a clear view of the marine life and natural habitat that lie beneath the surface. Not only does Hawaii have large open waters for diving, but you can also visit various lava tunnels, ponds, and shorelines for a more unique diving experience. One of the most popular dive sites on the island is Two-Step. Two-Step in Honaunau Bay is located on the western part of the island. When waters are calm, you can expect to see pretty much the entire bay including the stunning coral reefs and all the sea animals and fish that live there. You might even get to see a sea turtle or dolphin in this area if you’re lucky! 

Our team at Amphi has created a new device that is designed specifically for a better diving experience. If you’re thinking of heading off to the Big Island for some recreational or professional diving, then consider adding our powered bionic monofin to your equipment essentials! Connect with us here to check it out!

Travel to the Florida Keys!

Home to the continental United States' only coral barrier reef, the Florida Keys is an ideal vacation destination, especially for avid divers. While the Florida Keys are located closer to Cuba than Miami, this remains the southernmost area of Florida. Not only are the Florida Keys commonly known for their natural beauty, cultural diversity, and comfortable climate, but also for the many outdoor activities there are to partake in. What was once an inspirational oasis for famous authors and artists such as Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffet, has now become a popular destination for vacationers to travel to. See all the Florida Keys has to offer and why it's become so desired.

Fun and Adventure in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys contain the United States' only coral barrier reef making it a popular place for diving and snorkeling. The coral formations found here are famous for their abundance of fish and marine life. They've even developed a sanctuary for the marine habitat known as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Animal and ocean conservation is huge here so preserving the marine habitat is a major focus in the area. Many visitors enjoy sightseeing during the day as well as taking part in diving, snorkeling, watersports, fishing, and golfing. You can expect to see large schools of fish swimming along the coral reefs as well as barracuda and even sea turtles.

Once the sun starts to set, the Florida Keys hold a sunset celebration every night at the Mallory Square in Key West. Here, you can see tight-rope walkers, jugglers, and animal acts performing as the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico. There are also several local stages where dramas, musicals, and comedies are performed for anyone to watch. And if that isn't enough excitement, there are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and nightly events that provide fun after the sun goes down.

Diving with Amphi in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is the perfect place to experience Amphi. That's why we decided to test our underwater device right here. Its hybrid design will help you discover the richness of the underwater world. You will be able to move over the coral reef with ease and for a longer period of time, as Amphi will do all the work for you. We are planning to equip our bionic monofin with a device called MyGaya. This device will be able to collect ocean temperature, pressure, and salinity data when you swim or dive, turning Amphi into an environmental data collection system. This way not only will you have fun, but you will also become a citizen scientist! Connect with Amphi Americas to learn more!