Wouldn't it be nice to have an underwater scooter that gives you complete freedom, an unobstructed view, and that makes you believe that you belong underwater together with other creatures?
You'll be happy to know that our team has spent hundreds of hours working on and testing a creative new solution that addresses all of the above, and more!


Oxygen saving and hands-free hybrid underwater propulsion system.
Quiet, lightweight and environmentally friendly.
The best water fun you will ever have.

You’ve never experienced anything like this. It is a full package replacing your scooter and fins. Amphi uses the swimmer’s own finning style to intelligently add power in very precise ways. All while preserving your precious oxygen to swim further, longer and deeper.

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You attach your feet to the Amphi and swim. It’s that simple! Amphi will sense the strength of your kick and will add or subtract power accordingly. It works a little like an electric bicycle, adding power in response to input from the swimmer. Add a little power or a lot. The result is an increased range, reduced oxygen consumption, and a whole new dimension to your water activities. We call it “hybrid propulsion,” but you’ll just think it’s fun.

Perfect for swimmers, snorkelers, free-divers and water sport enthusiasts

Imagine yourself in blue seas, with coral, turtles, dolphins, colorful fish. Would you like to be able to stay there longer and with less effort? NOW YOU CAN! Amphi is a powered bionic monofin with a built-in thruster. No controls, hands-free, fast or slow, deep or shallow - are you in?

Hands-free swimming, snorkeling or diving

Enjoy the underwater world with your hands being able to do things: take selfies, check them as you go, collect and admire treasures you just picked, or just play with fish!

No other scooter in the world is able to give you this many options!

Feels like natural swimming with less effort
Amphi can add just an extra boost, or provide all of your propulsion. Imagine simply resting while effortlessly being propelled by Amphi. You can change the character of this control mechanism in two ways: by changing sensitivity to your kicks, or by changing for how long the thruster will remain “on” after you stop kicking. This allows you to go between aggressive sport like machines and relaxed cruising pal.
High maneuverability in shallow and deep water
No other scooter in the world lets you swim on your back. Imagine simply resting while being propelled by Amphi.
 Otter maneuver - swimming on your back! 
Swimming on your belly and your side! 
Sea horse maneuver - swimming in a kneeling position.
Quiet, lightweight and environmentally friendly
When on, our monofin is powered by a power pack that includes a thruster, a lithium battery and some electronics which are in a waterproof container. It is safe to use in water. Our prototype has been tested in pools and open waters. There are no lubricants or oils used. There is absolutely no risk for anything to leak into the water. The monofin is built from materials like plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, stainless steel. The thruster we use is an underwater thruster designed specifically for marine robotics. It doesn’t have any oil-filled cavities, water flows freely through all parts of the motor while it’s running and can handle extreme pressures. In addition, Amphi is quiet and lightweight.

Hybrid propulsion saves you precious oxygen
Amphi offers a hybrid propulsion: you decide to use either your muscles or the thruster, or both. This allows you to stay longer underwater or go a longer distance.
Complete freedom in the water
Effortless zipping, turns...you feel like you belong there together with other creatures.
Amphi can be also used as a towing device
Amphi can be disassembled in seconds. Its power pack could be used for fun, or as a towing device, bringing you to safety.
SPD cleats
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We use the SPD cycling cleats instead of traditional foot pockets. The cleats achieve three things:
Allow you to use your favorite cycling shoes – high comfort,
Allow for a little bit of play at the ankle – very important for longer swims,
You can release your feet at any moment by twisting your foot by roughly 10 degrees - important safety feature,
Can be checked in at airports
Smallest and lightest for a given level of thrust. TSA friendly! Perfect for your vacation!
Force multiplier
amphi americas
A very useful concept in everything. You have one thing, add another and the number of opportunities grows exponentially. Grab your Amphi and another water toy, just like a stand-up paddleboard or kayak, and the sky is the limit. You can paddle to your favorite spot, do a great Amphi session, and go back to your home base using the board.
Amphi from prototype #1 to prototype #3
We started working on Amphi 2 years ago. So far, we have developed three prototypes, financing it all with our own money.
Patented technology
amphi website
Our invention, the Amphi has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Amphi's major advantages

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> Hands-free operation:
   - easy to equalize ears, clear mask when diving
   - allows the use of tools such as metal detector, power tools, camera
   - increased safety due to instantaneous ability to use hands
   - you can use your hands on the surface without disengaging propulsion
> Completely unobstructed view, the engine is behind you, so noise is not a distraction,
> TSA legal (TSA legal batteries) the powerpack and binding can travel in your carry-on luggage,
> 35 lbf of thrust plus 20 lbf from the fin (55 lbf in total!),
> Exceptional surface capabilities including swimming on the back and instantaneous 180 degree turn, 
> Increased stability and maneuverability due to integrated fin,
> 3 in 1 (hybrid propulsion, regular monofin or handheld scooter),
> Modular design (one can change power pack, blade, binding in order to achieve optimal configuration), 
> Exceptional underwater capabilities including instantaneous 90, 180 degree turn,
> Can be taken along while standup paddleboarding, kayaking, and boating,
> Thrust is handled by strong legs not weak hands, thus more relaxed swimming, thus less oxygen consumption  compared to competitors,
> Propeller position is safer for fingers and clothing (sleeves of rashguards, skin guards, neckless, bracelets, straps, etc.),
> The water jet from the propeller does not disturb your equipment such as spear gun, collection bag, metal detector, flashlight,
> Battery can be changed on the go,
> Forward-facing camera mount allows for the third person view with you in the picture,
> Adjustable buoyancy (3 settings: neutral, slightly negative, slightly positive),
> Leash capable (if needs to be disengaged underwater),


OXYGEN SAVING - because you do not have to use your muscles, your oxygen lasts a lot longer, allowing you to stay longer underwater and go further distances.

HYBRID CONSTRUCTION - the central idea behind the Amphi system is a hybrid propulsion powered partially by human muscles and partially by electric thruster. A similar mechanism as in an electric bike. The thruster supports your muscular effort. The more power your muscle deliver, the more support Amphi transfers to the propeller. In case where you do not want to put physical effort into swimming, you have an option of a constant thrust. As a result, you swim with minimal physical effort, but still feel like your natural motion propels you as Amphi pushes you through the water.

HANDS-FREE EXPERIENCE - the thruster is placed between the ankles of the swimmer, freeing his/her hands to explore surroundings. Usually in this type of products, the swimmer is pulled, he/she needs to hold on to some type of a scooter.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY - Amphi gives you the ability to speed up or slow down by simply moving the fin. No controls needed. Your fin kick determines the amount of power. Before the swim, you can adjust the characteristic of the device by making it more or less sensitive to your kick, or turn on the constant thrust. In both cases, you save precious oxygen, which allows you to stay underwater longer, or go further distances.​

LIGHTWEIGHT - Amphi at 15 pounds is less than half the weight of the nearest competitor. ​

Designed with YOU in mind: fun with Amphi is not like anything you have experienced before!

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