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the Amphi Americas Team

Meet the People behind the Powered Bionic monofin

 About Our Founder

Dr. Marek Swoboda is behind the idea of Amphi Americas and our powered, bionic monofin. Marek is a life-long enthusiast of underwater technology and holds his Masters of Science in Physics and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. His behind-the-iron-curtain upbringing gave him a unique perspective on underwater technology. Due to the lack of SCUBA equipment in communist Poland, he was forced to improvise and learn on his own. As a teenager, together with his father, he built a series of Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs), tested his father’s regulators and depth gauges. However, his professional career brought him in a different direction, namely the Artificial Heart and blood pumps, where he had the opportunity to flirt with his lifelong love - hydrodynamics. Dr. Swoboda currently teaches biomedical engineering courses at Drexel and Rowan University.

His busy schedule gives him little free time, but when it does, he immensely enjoys SCUBA and using the powered, bionic monofin technology. He is the brains behind the Amphi concept and implementation. He dreams of creating a new “cross-country diving” movement.

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About Our Passionate Amphi Americas Team

Dr Marek Swoboda, amphi americas founder

Dr. Marek Swoboda, Founder

Perpetual inventor, our founder and the father of the world's first powered bionic monofin, Amphi. Having a Ph.D. in bioengineering helped him create, develop, and build our product.

ginger kuczowicz, amphi americas ceo

Ginger Kuczowicz, CEO

Our EP (Everything Person), also known as the CEO, showing the Amphi V2.

Michal Swoboda

Michal Swoboda, Research & Development

Our research and development department. You can see his new office, where he reprogrammed our powered bionic monofin before another test dive.

Alex Kuczowicz

Alex Kuczowicz, Director of Training & Safety

The training and safety dude. With him, you’ll be safe, and yes, you will be trained like hell.


Viola Pozdzik, Director of Expeditions

Everyone wants to be friends with her, as she can take you to your dream destination, where you'll get a chance to swim with Amphi - a perfect vacation.

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