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About the Amphi - Our Story

July 17, 2020

Our Amphi Product

Amphi is the first-ever, hands-free underwater scooter created to make snorkeling and diving effortless. As the world’s only powered bionic monofin, the Amphi waterproof mechanism helps swimmers propel themselves underwater with ease. The Amphi elevates your diving experience so you can take in all the things around you while also giving you more time under the water.

Effortless underwater propulsion for divers and snorkelers

Diving and snorkeling are some of the most exciting and enjoyable hobbies you can experience. But, it can be an exhausting activity that may leave some heading back to shore early. This prevents divers from getting to spend more time underwater and often causes them to miss out on getting the complete experience. 

Fortunately, the Amphi allows divers to conserve their energy by propelling them underwater without any effort from the diver. You get to take in your surroundings without worrying about overexerting yourself, which can make each new dive more enjoyable.  

Our Amphi Team

The Amphi was created by Dr. Marek Swoboda, a diving enthusiast, and highly respected biomedical engineer. Growing up in communist Poland left Marek with limited availability to SCUBA equipment, and he found that the technology being used wasn’t performing well. This led to Dr. Swoboda’s need to create the powered bionic monofin that would change the way divers and snorkelers experience the underwater world. 

Using the combination of biomedical technology and hydrodynamics helped Dr. Marek create the ultimate underwater propulsion device that we know as the Amphi. And with the help of our Research and Development team, our EP (Everything Person) CEO, our Training and Safety team, and our Expedition Director, we’re able to constantly make improvements and enhance the Amphi to its fullest potential.

The Technology Behind Amphi

Thanks to Dr. Swoboda’s background in biomedical engineering and physics, he’s been able to use more innovative technology systems to create the Amphi. This device eliminates the need for other scooters and fins and is especially useful for freediving. This underwater propulsion system is hands-free, quiet, and lightweight. It also allows you to experience the water in a new and fun way that is environmentally friendly!

And our hybrid propulsion device allows divers to use their muscles for swimming, the thruster, or both!

Immerse Yourself in the Underwater World with Amphi!

Learn more about our product, our team, and more at the link below!

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