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LifeStyleBreak: Laos - another day in the land of waterfalls

January 27, 2021

The Bolaven Plateau day 2

The Bolaven Plateau and its natural beauty charmed us so much that we decided to extend our stay here for one more day. This time we start early. Just after 7:00 am we set off to conquer this land again. Today we are taking the direction to waterfalls located by the road from Pakse to Salavan. We have over 200 kilometers to travel, which is a real challenge for us, novice motorcyclists. You might think that we are crazy about waterfalls, and I guess it is a bit like that. After all, who would not like to admire such beautiful wonders of nature, which give you refreshment on hot days.

The first waterfall visited, already seen from the bamboo bridge, makes quite an impression on us. It is not high, but very wide indeed, with many watercourses. Especially in its center you can see its power. In addition to the waterfall, you can also visit the village of a local tribe. They are dressed in their traditional costumes and show how they produce colorful fabrics with different patterns.

We reach the second waterfall after several dozen minutes. It is 10 kilometers from the main road and that is probably why we are here alone. The river in this place is very rushing. Flowing between enormous boulders, it creates a few smaller but impressive water drops. The water is so turbulent that it turns brown due to the rising mud from the riverbed.

We go to the third, called Tat Lo, excited, because, as the guide shows, you can take a bath there. It is highly recommended on this hot day. On the spot, it turns out that the current is quite strong, and we end up getting only our hands and legs wet. A little disappointed, we go to the last waterfall today. We do not know yet that it will turn out to be the one we will probably remember the most.

The waterfall is located a short distance from the previous one. As we arrive, we see two signs pointing to two different directions. We take the road to the left, and then turn right immediately entering the very center of the tiny village. It is not a village on the main road, as seen by us before. We are going between the houses and the residents, paying attention to everyone. We make sure that this is the right path, which ends soon anyway. From the entrance to the village, we were accompanied by a few local boys who ran behind and in front of us, guiding us to the right place. We see an information sign. We have 600 meters to walk. The group of boys is still with us, showing the way. We pass the river, where the cows graze, and the locals plant vegetables. Then we go through the forest to get to the huge boulders along which a path leads. Our little guides know these areas very well. They move very smoothly, sometimes leaving us behind. Our goal can be seen in the distance. Against the background of a huge wall, we can see two rather poor waterfalls. The wall is several dozen meters high and about a hundred meters wide. We are getting closer and closer. The scenery around us is amazing. It looks like we are walking on a dry bed of a huge river, which probably fills with hectolitres of water during the rainy season. We feel terribly small here. Our companions suggest approaching the wall, where it is possible to take a bath. We like this idea right away. They also show us their fun. Using slippery rock surface, they slide downward, landing in the water below. We join them. The fun is great. Even a group of Thai tourists joined us. Our little friends did a great job. Now we want to pay them back somehow. Unfortunately, we have nothing interesting with us. After returning to the bike, we give them all our sweets and throw in some cash. The idea with money is not the best, but we were not prepared for such a situation. The little ones with a smile on their faces receive their reward, and the shyness with which they do it makes us realize that they deserve it one hundred percent.


“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komisar


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